Switch Line Decals offers industry dealer pricing to hobby shops with a web prescience and/or a store front. We also offer dealer pricing to those who sell at hobby trade shows.


If you believe you fulfill the requirements below please complete the following steps in the dealer process. 

-Create an account on our website


In your email please include Dealer in the subject line. Please include your website/ store address, if you sell at trade shows let us know which shows you sell at. 


Below are our dealer requirements:

-Online ecommerce website or storefront 

- Sales at trade shows (Must sell at a minimum of three trade shows per year)

-Valid payment option (PayPal account or valid major credit card)

-Opening order of $100 or more (at MSRP)

-Reordering of at least $50 or more (at MSRP)

-Business in the US (Canadian, Australian and European dealers must contact us individually)


We only offer decals to dealers at cost, we do not offer any paints/supplies or electronics at cost.