​FAQ about our decals

Question: How long will it take for my items to be shipped?

Answer: We normally post items in 1-5 days of purchase. Keep in mind all decal sets are printed upon purchase, this allows us to ensure you receive a fresh set of decals. 

​​Question: Can you print white?
Answer: Yes! We offer full CMYK plus White, all decals except for 100K (Black) will get a white under lay. This white underlay is what allows the color decals to show up on a model that is not 100% white. 
Question: Will I be charged sales tax?
Answer: Illinois residents will be charged Illinois sales tax. 
Question: If I choose to have specific numbers printed will I also get the number jumble?
Answer: In many cases if you choose to have your desired numbers printed as a single number decal we will replace the number jumble with your set numbers. 
Answer:  We will accept custom orders for free lance/ fictional railroads, if your looking for a railroad that exists/ existed that you do not see decals for, please send us a message and we would be happy to add it to the design list. We are always looking to expand our offerings. 

Question: Do you offer custom painting/ decal application?
Answer: Yes, however we limit the amount of custom work each month, please contact us for availability. 

Question: I have designed my own decal sets, can you print them?
Answer:  Yes, we would be happy to print your graphics, check out our "Supplied Graphics Printing" tab for pricing and artwork requirements.

Question: What happens if I purchase decals from you and I do not use them right away?
Answer: Our decals will last up to 5 years (Normaly 3-5 Years) if they are not used right away, this is id they are stored in a dark cool dry place. If you get around to using your decals too late contact us, we may ask for you to send in the old decals and we will replace them for up to 70% off of retail price. (If you have new set of decals that you believe are defective please send us a message).
Question: Do you offer more than just railroad decals?
Answer: Yes and no, while we are not currently designing other model decals. If you have designed decals for your model rockets/ Cars/ Boats or other models we would be happy to print them, please see our "Supplied Graphics Printingtab for pricing and artwork requirements. . 

Question: Do you print more then just HO scale decals?
Answer: Yes, however we design most sets in HO scale. If your looking for another scale we may ask for sizing information to make sure we scale the graphics properly to your desired scale. (N, HO, O, G and many others)

Question: Do you mail outside of the US 48?
Answer: Yes, we currently mail world wide. 

Question: Do you sell blue backing watersilde decal paper?
Answer: Yes, we sell blue backing waterslide decal paper, our paper is sold as an A4 sheet. Contact us to purchase, paper is $4/ sheet plus shipping. 

Question: Are you printing on and ALPS printer?
Answer: No, we are using a color toner  printer, toner allows for more opaque colors- including white. Toner printing also ensures that the color will not peel and chip as other common decals do (Screen and ALPS printing).

Question:  Can you print metallic colors?
Answer:  No, unfortunately we can not currently print metallics. (Silver it will be printed as a gray/ Gold will be printed as a yellowish brown). 

Question: I have never purchased your decals, is there a way I can try them out?
Answer: Yes, we would be happy to mail you a few pieces of various decals. If your looking for a trial please contact us on the contact page. 

Question: Do you sell to hobby shops/ business?
Answer: If you own a hobby shop and would like to stock or order our decals for your customers, please contact us and would be happy to add you to our dealer list.