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N Scale Alabama Gulf Coast SD40-2 Locomotives Decal Set

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1. Make sure your models’ surface is clean and free of any dust. Ensure the model has a high gloss finish applied.
2. Cut out the decal, cut as close to the graphics as possible to reduce the chances of seeing the clear deal film upon
3. Apply a small amount of water and or Micro Set to the model surface.
4. Soak the cut-out decal in warm distilled water for 20-30 seconds, or until the decal starts to remove itself from the
backing paper. (The time for this will vary, in some cases will only need 10 seconds and others will need
significantly longer). Don’t let the decal remove entirely from the paper as the paper is needed to transfer the decal
to the model.
5. Remove the decal from the water and place on the model, this can be done with your fingers/ hobby knife or
tweezers, just be sure to be gentle while sliding the decal from the paper to the model.
6. Once you are happy with the location of the decal take a paper towel, soft paintbrush or a Q-tip and gently press
the decal down to remove any water from behind.
7. Allow the decal to dry. Once dry applying a coat or two of a decal solvent (Micro Sol or Walthers Solvaset) will help
hide the decal film.
8. Once you are happy with how the decal looks and it is completely dry, you may appy a gloss coat to the model, this
will protect and seal the decal. If desired, at this time you can apply a dull coat.

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